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Book #5 - 1968/1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

With my fourth book getting wrapped up, I am contemplating doing a fifth book with a working title of1968/1969 Chevelle SS.

Photo release form - MS Word format - Adobe .PDF format

The book will concentrate on the 1968 SS396 & 1969 with the new SS396 Equipment option.

1968/1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS general outline

The general outline structure for content and images of components where available and applicable.

  • Introduction - Acknowledgements
  • Historical Overview
  • Design and Concepts
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Hardware and Options
  • The 1968/1969 SS Legacy
  • Appendices
    • Production Data
    • Decode Your VIN
    • Engine Codes
    • Gear Ratios
    • Interior Trim Codes
    • Assembly Plant Paint Codes
    • Paint Codes and Sales Names
    • Convertible and Vinyl Top Colors
    • Exterior and Interior Color Combinations
    • Regular Production Options (RPO)

Any submitted photos need to be in their original "out of the camera" form without changing or manipulating them in any way. Do not resize, lighten, darken, add arrows, place objects, words, or boxes over the image. No cell phone camera or tablet photos. These are my requirements from the publisher. Photos should be at least 2000 pixels in width and as high a resolution as possible. Typically a file size of 5GB to 6GB can be sent via email but is not recommended to email them as they'll often lose clarity when going through various email systems. I suggest a free online file transfer program, http://wetransfer.com. Photos sent through the wetransfer website can be addressed to:


1968 Photos Needed

1969 Photos Needed

Samples of what can be used; note these are only reduced in size here for convenience.


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