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Book #3 - The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972

With my second book finished, I was asked to do a third book. The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972 (working title) is now being completed and in the hands of the publisher for review, edit, layout, etc. No cover has been designed yet so the image on the right is a montage of 1964-1972 Chevelle sport coupes, convertibles, and El Caminos.

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Current status:

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This 8.5 x 11 book will be more of a coffee-table design with a projected 450+ color and b/w photos.

As of February 10, 2017, all chapters and photos have been submitted to the publisher for edit/review. Basically for each year this outline will be followed:

The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972 Outline

All chapters will follow the same general outline structure for content and images of components where available and applicable.

  • A short introduction to each model year depicting styles changes (beginning with 1965) and general comparisons to other GM division A-body offerings - Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac.
  • Chevelle VIN
  • Available Series and Body Styles
  • Malibu SS, SS396, SS Equipment Optioned Exterior Trim
  • Interior Trim Colors with examples
  • Exterior Paint Colors; trim tag codes, sales name , etc.
  • Driveline
    • Engine Sizes: availability by series, horsepower, and torque specs
    • Transmission/Clutch types
    • Rear Axle Ratios and identification
    • Chassis/Brakes specs
    • Wheel Covers/Hub Caps/Tires as applicable
    • Fisher Body Number Plate
Some of the photos in my The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972 book.