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Book #3 - The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972

 The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972 is scheduled for mid-February 2018 release.

Chevrolet's Chevelle introduction into the growing midsize car market was met with great acceptance. The "Super Sport" nameplate was synonymous with Chevrolet and the Chevelle enhanced it from 1964 through 1972. Around 3,874,500 Chevelles were built for U.S. sale during this time. Of these, 554,695 were ordered as Malibu SS, SS396, or SS-equipment-optioned Chevelles. One secret to the Chevelle's success was the multiple series and body styles that were available to fit just about anyone's needs.


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This 8.5 x 11 book is more of a coffee-table design with a projected 450+ color and b/w photos.


Some of the photos in my The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972 book.