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Book #3 - The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972

With my second book finished, I was asked to do a third book. The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972 is now completed and in the hands of the publisher for review, edit, layout, etc. Projected cover art is subject to minor revisions. Scheduled for mid-February 2018 release.

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Current status:

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This 8.5 x 11 book will be more of a coffee-table design with a projected 450+ color and b/w photos.

As of February 10, 2017, all chapters and photos have been submitted to the publisher for edit/review. Expected release is February 2018. On for preorder now. Basically for each year this outline will be followed:

The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972 Outline

All chapters will follow the same general outline structure for content and images of components where available and applicable.

  • A short introduction to each model year depicting styles changes from year to year.
  • Chevelle VIN
  • Available Series and Body Styles
  • Malibu SS, SS396, SS Equipment Optioned Exterior Trim
  • Interior Trim Colors with examples
  • Exterior Paint Colors; trim tag codes, sales name , etc.
  • Driveline
    • Engine Sizes: availability by series, horsepower, and torque specs
    • Transmission/Clutch types
    • Rear Axle Ratios and identification
    • Chassis/Brakes specs
    • Wheel Covers/Hub Caps/Tires as applicable
    • Fisher Body Number Plate
Some of the photos in my The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972 book.