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Book #5 - Errata

Stuff happens: Errata for 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396. - Download in Adobe .PDF format

Page Clarification
The last sentence in paragraph one is incorrect and should read, "When a 300 Deluxe coupe (13427) or a 300 Deluxe sport coupe (13437) was ordered with the SS 396 Equipment option, hideaway windshield wipers were not part of the option, however the SS 396 hood was."
Back The sentence, "Two SS 396-specific paint colors (Daytona Yellow and Hugger Orange) were available at no charge but could be ordered for $42.15 on other models." is incorrect. The two colors were a $42.15 option when the SS 396 option was ordered. They cold be ordered on any other 1969 Chevelle under RPO ZP3 special paint through the Fleet & Special Order (F&SO) process but cost would vary by plant and could cost as much as $125.00