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Book #4 - 1970-1972 Chevelle Restoration Guide

With my third book finished, I was asked to do a fourth book. We have a finalized contract and a working title of 1970-1972 Chevelle Restoration Guide. This effort will be co-authored with Rick Nelson, owner of Musclecar Restoration and Design, so you may be assured of getting some of the best information available on restoration.

Photo release form - MS Word format - Adobe .PDF format

While the book will concentrate on the 1970-1972 model years, much of the same procedures and decisions you will be faced with will be applicable to all Chevelles.

1970-1972 Chevelle Restoration Guide general outline

The general outline structure for content and images of components where available and applicable.

  • Introduction
  • The Acquisition
  • Getting Started
  • Repair or Replace
  • Chassis/Suspension/Brakes
  • Engine/Transmission/Rear End
  • Body/Paint
  • Electrical
  • Interior
  • Details
  • Appendices
    • Check List Before Buying
    • Abbreviations/Terms
    • Flint/Tonawanda Engine Assembly Process
    • Driveshaft Colors
    • Markings/Tags

Any submitted photos need to be in their original "out of the camera" form without changing or manipulating them in any way. Do not lighten, darken, add arrows, place objects, words, or boxes over the image; resize; change the extension, compression, or any other settings. No cell phone camera or tablet photos. These are my requirements from the publisher. Photos should be at least 2000 pixels in width and as high a resolution as possible. Typically a fixe size of 5GB to 6GB can be sent via email but if you have larger file sizes or a number of images I suggest a free online file transfer program, Photos can be sent to the email address

Final date for all drafts to publisher is April 15, 2018 - it typically takes 6 to 8 months from final draft day to publishing meaning Christmas 2018 is a good possibility.

Contact me through my Contact link above with any questions. You, or the photographer, must have rights to grant the photo's use. I do not need the car's VIN but the assembly plant it was built at and the general timeframe, such as 2nd week of April from 04B body date on trim tag, will suffice as different plants often did things differently and some even changed during the model year run.

Samples of what can be used; note these are only reduced in size here for convenience.

Before and after photos of any markings found.
Various engine photos - big or small block - but must be as stock appearing on the outside as possible

Battery tray - before

4-speed pedal assembly before

Body being removed from frame

Body going back on frame

Engine tune labels

Early 1970 Monte Carlo headlamp trim

Shifter components - before and after

Shifter assembly - exploded and assembled

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