Dale's Chevelle Books

For The 1964-1972 Chevelle Enthusiast

Chevelle Data and ID Guide 1964-1972 Credits

I'd like to thank all my friends that donated time and effort to proofread my drafts for this book but also those that submitted photos of their great Chevelles that were included in the book.

Noah Alexander
Jacquie Benthin
Keith Brodbeck
Rich Cummings
Roger Day
tory DiBlasi
Seb Dobson
Kevin Drye
James Fischer
Mark Hickman
Rich Heffernan
James Hudgins
Cody Hughes
Derek Knapp
Dave Krespan
Bill Lessenberry
Warren Leunig
Don Lightfoot
Scott McAlister
William McCann
Dave Meehling
Cameron Milne
Jay Nelson
Rick Nelson
John Often
Verle Randolph
Mark Redmon
Tom Rightler
Michael Rothberg
Ed Sharretts
Jeff Swanty
Ernie Slone
Bill Smith
Gary Templeton
Bill Wente
Bill Whorley
Doug Yoder